The Guy

“Beat” Vidalia is a writer and artist who I have immense trouble describing. That’s just great, because Beat is me. Born and raised in New Jersey, I give a unique spin to just about every micro-topic he could possibly be interested in. When I’m not at the computer or studying English, I’m out on walks, or plopped in front of the TV. I regret to inform you that my interests include animation and retro gaming. I know what kind of message that conveys to an upstanding citizen.

In non-joking terms, other hobbies include toy collecting (finally assembled my first Gundam!), and- wait, come back.

The Site

beatvidalia.net is the corner of the Internet where you can get a taste of my “style,” so to speak. Non-fictional opinion pieces find their way here whenever I have something to say, but The New Yorker won’t take it. I haven’t tried, but I figure they won’t. You have to be careful, though, because you’ll also find “Yeah, That Happened!” here. These act like they’re real, but I assure you that their topics are utterly made up. Just go along with it and there’ll be no trouble.